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We have now been feeding all our dogs on CSJ Dog Food for the last 4 years and to be honest they have never looked better or performed better. Even picky dogs love this food.
The working dogs, the trialling dogs and the pups are all looking great with no weight loss over the shooting/trialling season.
All have shiny coats, do not cast their hair as much, do not poo as much and even better the food is not overpriced.
I now stock this food as I believe in its goodness, quality and affordability. Best of all the help and advice from CSJ is second to none.



Our dogs are always fed twice daily and occassionally as a treat enjoy raw tripe, chicken, raw vegetables and fresh raw bones.

Price List
From 1st March 2013
ORIGINAL RANGE          (All 15 kgs) Protein
£ per bag
Natural That'll do!  21% 12.60
Natural Hi-Lost!  21% 12.60
Natural Herbie Nuts  20% 15.05
Natural Herbie Rings  24% 16.15
Natural Monster Mix  21% 16.75
Lamb & Rice    (Wheat Gluten Free)  22% 20.80
Natural Fit 'n' Fast  (Wheat Gluten Free & No  Rice)  22% 21.50
Natural Rocket Fuel  30% 19.35
Lamb Senior  17% 20.80
Natural Puppy  26% 20.00
Complete Tripe  Gluton Free
Natural Cat **
20.10 incl vat
Hike On
No Grainer  (Grain & Gluton Free)
31%      27% 22.05
CHAMP!  RANGE       (All 15 kgs)

Natural Champ!   20% 11.50
Natural Little Champ! (Puppy)    26% 14.60
Natural Sooper Dooper Champ!  28% 14.60
Natural Old  Champ ! 18% 14.60
CP 18 (Less Active)  (Wheat gluten free) 18% 31.75
CP 21 (Salmon)   (Wheat gluten free) 21% 31.75
CP 24 (Active)   (Wheat gluten free) 24% 31.75
CP 27 (Puppy)   (Wheat gluten free) 27% 35.75
CP 30 (Hi Energy)  (Wheat gluten free) 30% 33.75
CP Xtra  (Supplementary Feed) (Wheat gluten free) 16% 23.35
CP Cat Crunch - 2kgs-Chicken, Salmon and Kitten 7.50
HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS ** Size Min 6 tubs of herbs
Billy No Mates!  300g 13.50 inc vat & pp
Calm Down!  200g
Come On!  200g
Eezy Peezy!  200g
Get Over!  200g
Go On!  200g
Heal!  200g
Hold It!  200g
Phantom Raspberry!   200g
Resist!  150g
Slippery Elm Powder  80g
Steady!  200g
Stroppy Bitch!  200g
No Ake 75g  
Seaweed & Parsley 100g 11.00 inc vat & p&p
Seaweed & Parsley 350g 26.75 inc vat & p&p
Billy No Mates Tincture 250ML 250ml 13.50 inc vat &p&p
Down Boy 200g   200g
Fruit n Mutt Energy Bar 60g 1.20
CSJ  Natural Treats **    

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